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A respected business throughout the globe with a long history in International markets, our Export team understands the need for in-market partnerships to build sustainable success. Through our Export business, we have a platform for building our partner and our brand portfolio with a particular strength in the Asia Pacific region.

Our experience and knowledge of channels within the Asia Pacific region is very unique.

It is essential that our team are equipped with local knowledge, an understanding of market operating conditions and business conduct. We know this because we immerse ourselves in these markets ensuring we have the knowledge to provide the best product training and assistance, with instore development and marketing campaigns.

Strategically located in close proximity to international sea and air cargo facilities and major domestic freight corridors, we are equipped to meet customer demands quickly and efficiently.

Supporting this is our global infrastructure and logistics capabilities via our partners, ensuring you can be guaranteed to receive goods ordered in an efficient and timely manner.

Our extensive portfolio is reflective of our focus as one of the leading beverage & tobacco solutions specialist in Australia. With an extensive portfolio of brand managed and privately owned varietals, our portfolio provides depth and coverage that will compliment your organisation. 

With a global line up of world renowned brands that we manage, we can ensure that we work with you to develop personalised solutions that meet your customers’ requirements whilst delivering value for money.




Why You Choose Us ?

FBC Trades supplies international markets which requires us to adjust to local and global conditions and requirements. We distinguish ourselves through our dedication, commitment and a personal touch. From our head office in India, we aim to be the preferred partner in business for all our markets worldwide. We continuously strive to explore new markets and to build long-term relationships.

Due to our 30 years of experience and global network, we are capable to provide large volumes at reduced prices. We strongly believe in personal approach and professional case/operations management.

FBC Trades has a strong financial position and is still growing. Buying and selling is our engine, but it is our service that truly fuels our business concept. Our excellent services and added value, both during and following business activities, makes us as a unique business partner. It is this that strengthens the bond with our clients, creating a long-term relationship built on involvement and expertise.

We believe our company’s infrastructure is fully equipped to meet our long-term ambitions of growth, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Our infrastructure is based on continuous innovation and keen investments together with the implementation of stringent efficiency programs and innovative logistics.

We work on ERP platform which makes it possible for us to be more efficient in our core activities, such as fast delivery, effective goods flow, optimal inventory management and accurate customs and excise declaration. Our platform has a short delivery time for new functionalities, which enables us to respond quickly to market opportunities.

Through our strict adherence to compliance processes we are able to process goods safely and efficiently resulting in quicker and more reliant lead times to our customers.

we work with effifcient warehousing facilities in order to keep safe custody of goods INCLUDING SPIRITS, WINES, BEERS, COGNAC, TOBACCO PRODUCTS.

We work closely together with a few trustworthy warehouses where we store our goods. We sell the goods ex bonded warehouse with all the necessary customs documents. If required, we apply duty stamps or banderols and arrange a safe and quick transfer with an official carrier, it being a few cases of a full container load, at a fair and competitive price.

Our payment terms are simple: release after payment into our account or via the escrow account from one of our partner warehouses to ensure a safe transaction.

Our cooperation with neutral bonded warehouses With Escrow Facilities makes us a solid and efficient partner. We have accounts with below mentioned Warehouses:

  • Steinweg, Dubai
  • Top Logistics, Netherlands
  • NBK, Netherlands
  • Loendersloot, Netherlands
  • Seabrook, UK

As specialists in a range of supply operations, we tailor-make our services to fit each client’s needs. From providing bonded items, to establishing a new logistics route, we ensure that clients’ goods are delivered when and where they need them. And because we’re active in over 100 countries, we're used to discussing international supply chain logistics as well as customs regulations. Think global, act local

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